Knoxville Wellness Services

Let us Transform Your Wellness Journey into the Relaxing Experience It Was Meant To Be…

These days it seems like taking care of yourself is another full-time job. You go to the gym, and the yoga studio, and the massage therapist, and a nutritionist, and… and… the list goes on.

Your time is at a premium. You want to take care of yourself, and be at your best for your business, your family, and yourself! But when you’re lucky to squeeze out an hour of “me-time”, you don’t want to waste it running from appointment to appointment.

Here at Transformations Massage and Wellness Center we understand that…

Taking Care of Yourself Should Be Convenient, Easily Accessible with Highly Skilled Practitioners

We have put together a complete team of wellness professionals with one purpose in mind…
To provide you with the wellness services you need all under one roof!

Our team is made up of
• Massage Therapists
• Reiki Masters
• Holistic Health Coach
• Yoga Instructor
• Stress Relief Expert
who are all here to ensure your journey to wellness is as peaceful and relaxing as it should be.

Services include
• One on One Coaching
• A Variety of Massage Techniques
• Private and Couples Yoga Classes
• Essential Oils Classes
• Holistic Nutrition Counselling

Book an appointment online or come in and see us today, and get started on your journey to wellness!

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