Mind Chatter: Quiet Your Mind and Live Life

“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking. Live in silence.” Rumi

Mind chatter happens throughout the day, whether you are working, shopping driving or resting. Sometimes you listen, watching one thought after anther pass though you mind. Other times, thoughts get stuck, repeating over and over in your head. When stress is in overdrive, mind chatter can rev up a few notches. You begin to over think and analyzing everything and get distracted with what is happening right now, called your life.

Stress and problems can cause thinking to become distorted. When you begin to worry and feel regret over the past, your mind is focusing on what you could have done differently. Worrying about the future starts all sorts of mind acrobats about how every little scenario will play out. Being present in life means your mind remains connected to what is happening right in front of you.  When you get disconnected with the here and now, it’s as if you look at what is missing or wrong in your life.

As long as each and every part of your life remains under control, then everything will be fine. Or so you might believe.

Controlling how events happen and planning the exact results may not be a conscious action. It can be, however, the main way folks cope with everyday stress. Grasping onto thoughts and played out scenes in your mind can perpetuate chronic stress. The fact is this detailed movie in your mind may be based on fiction rather than fact. It’s not so much that minds do chatter as much as we believe stories that just aren’t true. This is how high stress can get blown out of proportion. It’s as if the compulsion is so strong to live in the past in future that you might just miss out on real life.

Real life is what is happening around you this very second. It’s cooking dinner and cutting colorful vegetables for a nourishing meal. It’s helping your child do her homework.  Maybe it’s watching a movie with friends, working on fixing up an antique car or just having a conversation with someone you love. You miss out on your life every time your mind wants to replay the past or project into the future.

What if for one moment you chose to step away from the toxic mind chatter? And you decided to carefully place the stories in a box? You just might see the rich colors of life. The beauty of those around you and the connections with people that is priceless. Take a breath and draw life through every cell of your body. Live your life with gratitude with what you have, not what is missing. Quiet your mind and live life to the fullest.

For over 25 years in the health care profession, Lisa Birnesser has studied stress relief techniques and have helped hundreds of people reduce stress in their lives. Lisa specializes in stress management coaching by helping people do what matters most every day.